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  • Time Series API  v.2. 1. 2000Time Series API is a professional C++ class library for simulating (backtesting) and deploying financial trading strategies as well as general purpose time series modelling. The library is a stand-alone time series engine that can be extended via a ...
  • Zaitun Time Series  v.0.2.1Zaitun Time Series is a free and open source software designed for statistical analysis of time series data.
  • The Time Series Toolbox  v.1.0The Time Series Toolbox is a set of software components that simplify the task of building applications that record, process, store and publish time series of observations. Current main application area are sensor ...
  • Cycles Analysis and Time Series analysis  v.1.0To develop a software package for time series manipulation and cycles analysis. Cycles means repeated occurrences at nearly equal time intervals in any time series data. See for a site about cycles.
  • Python Time Series Analysis  v.1.0ptsa (pronounced pizza) is a Python module for performing time series analysis. Although it is specifically designed with neural data in mind (EEG, MEG, fMRI, etc...), the code should be applicable to almost any type of time series.
  • C++ Time Series NEAT  v.1.0Time Series analysis for NEAT (Neuro-Evolution of Augmenting Topologies). Based on Kenneth Stanley's NEAT concept and Mat Buckland's c++ implentation.
  • GPS Interactive Time Series Analysis  v.1.0Along with calculating basic statistics and quality parameters such as mean and variance, the soft-ware is capable of importing and visualizing different standard time series formats, determining and removing jumps and outliers, and makes numerical ...
  • Time Series Framework  v.1.1.25The time-series data processing framework allows applications to be architected as measurement routing systems.
  • Time Series Analyzer  v.1.1.0Time Series Analyzer is tool for time series analyzing ...
  • A HDF5 Wrapper for Time Series  v.1.0This project has the purpose to provide a template based high level C++ interface/wrapper to HDF5 ( especially/just for reading and writing series of ...
  • The Time Series Project  v.1.0A C++ class library specifically designed for data reduction tasks in driving simulation or on-board vehicle data collection.
  • JFreeChart  v.0.9.2JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts (GNU LGPL). Pie charts, bar charts, line charts, time series charts, meter plots, candlestick plots, high-low-open-close and more. Complete source code included.
  • MPlot  v.1.0Free charting C# library for MONO (gtk-sharp 2.x). MPlot will support 2D line charts, xy scatter plots, bubble charts, radar charts,pie charts , bar charts , time series charts, candlestick plots, Gantt charts.
  • CaterpillarSSA  v.3.10The program is based on the model-free method of time series analysis Caterpillar-SSA (Singular Spectrum Analysis). It allows identification, analysis and forecast of the time series structure. The program can be applied to multivariate analysis.
  • PRT Database Control Engine  v.1.0.1Easily collect time series and automatically store in database.
  • Lokad OpenShell Forecasting  v.1.0.1PowerShell snap-in with CmdLets dedicated to time-series forecasting algorithms.
  • Time And Place  v.1.4.0This is a proof of concept implementation of a Java Web Start application to allow annual time series to be viewed graphically.Its focus is on geopolitical data organized by regions: states or countries. Each region is displayed as a bar chart with a ...
  • IpMonitor (registered)  v.8.5ipMonitor 8.5 is a secure real-time network monitoring software designed to proactively Monitor, Alert and Recover critical applications, servers and infrastructure equipment around the clock.
  • StatPlus 2007  v. 2007 is a powerful and flexible software solution that processes data to perform statistical analysis.
  • StatPlus 2008  v. 2008 is a powerful and flexible software solution that processes data to perform statistical analysis.
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